Ds Awareness Month 2016

Wow!  Time goes so fast.  Our little Jacob will be 3 in a few short weeks!!!

What a whirlwind the last 3 years have been.  Who knew “an extra chromosome full of love” would teach us so much about life – unconditional love, not to take things for granted & appreciate the simple things in life.

Look at our big boy!!  He has been staying healthy (knock on wood) – the vest therapy is really working & we have avoided a hospital stay for almost a year now.  We are praying for a healthy upcoming winter.

I have to give major props to his teacher Miss Affton – she absolutely rocks!  This gal has opened her heart to Jacob & has been so beneficial to his success.  Jacob has been going to a daycare since Feb. 2015.  Oh my goodness we are amazed at how good it has been for him!!  (of course sometimes he will have his moments but overall he is making great progress)  Every morning Jacob is excited to go to school.  When we say its time to go to school buddy he smiles & runs straight for the door.  Excellent teachers make a world of a difference – we are blessed to have Affton & her team (Jocelyn, Chris, Kim, Michelle & Maggie).  We are looking forward to the upcoming year to see Jacob continue to grow.



To help celebrate Down syndrome Awareness Month we wanted to share with you a new 501c3 non-profit organization that has come to Northeast Iowa.  The organization is called FIRE Foundation of Northeast Iowa.  The mission is to provide children with special needs the opportunity for an inclusive Catholic education.

FIRE_Logo_with region identifier_grayscale

Happy Down syndrome Awareness Month! – Love – the Schmitz Family



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