Our Story

Welcome to our site.  I starting putting together this site when Jacob was 8 months old.  A friend of mine from college reached out to me to tell me she just found out her baby girl happens to have Down Syndrome.
I told her I know its hard to understand now but your daughter will show you AMAZING things, you are very blessed.  I wished I had more words to share with her, that is why I put this website together to share our experience with others.  I am certainly not an expert or a doctor just a mom that has 3 beautiful children, one who happens to have Down Syndrome.

Click below to see our video of Jacob’s first 5 months of life.

As you look through our site please know that everyone’s situation is different.  Our story happens to have had a lot of hospital visits BUT this really is not always typical of all children with Down Syndrome. Like raising any child, each child is their own person with their own story.
God Bless you on your journey!