Discover October as it is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

With October right around the corner for most of us it means breaking out the sweaters, cheering on our favorite football teams, visiting pumpkin patches & getting costumes ready for Halloween.

However, for those of us who have loved ones with Down syndrome, the significance of this month means so much more. October is Down syndrome Awareness Month.

The Schmitz Family has some fun activities planned to celebrate this month!

First on our list is baking!

Yummy Pretzel Bites with Love by Hayden & JD Schmitz 

  • The pretzel represents strength.  Our brother is a little fighter!
  • Then add a Hershey’s hug or kiss.  Our brother gives awesome hugs and blows the best kisses!
  • Then top the treat with an M&M to add in the love.  We love our brother so much!

pretzel hugs 2

Our next activity is this Sunday at the HADSA Buddy Walk in Cedar Rapids and the following week in Cedar Falls at the Designer Genes Buddy Walk.  We had a blast walking last year & look forward to this year’s Buddy Walk events. 

Buddy walk

Down syndrome Awareness Month is chance to spread awareness, advocate and promote inclusion throughout the community.  During the month of October, we celebrate individuals with Down syndrome; make people aware of their abilities & accomplishments.

Join in on the fun!

I am making a 2015 Down Syndrome Awareness Month Scrapbook –

so post your pictures & tag me as you celebrate!


If you are looking ideas on how to recognize October as Down syndrome Awareness Month below are 21 easy ways.

Why – 21 ways?
People with Down syndrome have an extra copy of the 21st chromosome.  To us it’s just an Extra Chromosome is Full of Love.

  • Participate in a Buddy Walk.
  • Commit to eliminating the R-word out of your vocabulary.
  • Move beyond just Down Syndrome Awareness into Awareness & Acceptance.
  • Promote inclusion at school and beyond.
  • Add this cover to your Facebook page for a few days.

October is (5)

  • Tell a friend a couple of facts about Down syndrome that they may not have already known.
  • Post a fact about Down syndrome on your Facebook status.
  • Create a table at your library with basic information about Down syndrome.
  • Donate time or money to an organization that will benefit those with Down syndrome and their families.
  • Organize a “Denim for Down syndrome” day at your school or work to promote awareness.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper about celebrating Down syndrome.
  • Get Inspired – Check out this organization & the scholarships they provide for those children going onto further education after high school.
  • Wear Royal Blue & Yellow they are Down syndrome awareness ribbon colors.


  • Make a new friend with someone that has Down syndrome.
  • Do a balloon release to be thankful with where society has come over the many years to include those that have Down syndrome.  And to be thankful that advocacy is happening for those with Down syndrome (& others with special needs) is heading in a positive direction.
  • Stay positive about the future for people with Down syndrome (& others with special needs)
  • Did you know about the Gigi’s Playhouse program?  If not check it out
  • Continue to educate yourself about Down syndrome.
  • Open your hearts to people with Down syndrome.
  • Open your hearts not only to people with Down syndrome but others with special needs & promote inclusion.
  • Believe & have faith

Thank you for recognizing October as Down syndrome Awareness Month!

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